My Life This March: In Which I Start a Blog, Have a Spring Break, and Plod Through Edits

That title doesn’t even come close to summing up my life this month. (All right, maybe close. But not quite. The college-student life is so much more hectic than that.)

So I actually technically started the blog at the end of February, but there were no posts on it until the first Saturday in March, when I put up my first book quote post. I was planning to post only on Saturdays, but then Beautiful People happened, so I ended up with a Wednesday post as well. So my current plan is to have my regular four Saturday posts (in order, a book quote, a science post, a book review, and a “my life” post), with a Beautiful People post on the second Wednesday of the month. I look forward to introducing more of my characters to you!

This brings me to another news item. April is a five-Saturday month, which is very exciting, because we get a total of six blog posts instead of five. I am planning to introduce my work-in-progress to you all on April 9th. I am greatly anticipating hearing your thoughts on this.

Speaking of my work-in-progress, I have been trying hard (for seven years . . .) to finish it. This year, I reached the point where I could start doing macro edits on a draft with roughly the same plot instead of having to entirely change the plot yet again. (I’ve done a lot of book surgery in the past.) This month, I took the 300 for 30 challenge over at Go Teen Writers, but changed it to be an editing challenge rather than a writing challenge. Unfortunately, thus far, I have not done well, probably because a) I’m a busy college student, b) I really don’t like editing (I haven’t done it that much), and c) did I mention I’m a busy college student? More on that below. . . .

Since this is my first “my life this month” post, I’ll start by introducing my educational situation in general. I am currently in my second semester of college (that’s university for all you non-American folks), studying genetics at the University of New Hampshire. Since campus is only about 45 minutes or so from where I live, I commute back and forth in a squeaky white Toyota Camry that’s nearly as old as I am. The upside of commuting is that I get to go home and see my family and my cat each day. The downside is that I get up at 5 AM three days a week and 6 AM the other two. (I’m thinking maybe I won’t take an 8 AM lecture next semester. . . .) Anyway, my current classes are General Chemistry II (the aforesaid 8 AM lecture), Calculus for Life Sciences, Introductory Biology: Molecular and Cellular, and Myths and Misconceptions about Nuclear Science. That last one is an Honors Discovery course (UNH lingo for “general educational requirement”), and a really great class. Next month’s science post will be on something I learned about while drafting a paper for that class, so stay tuned!

UNH in the snow on Monday . . .
. . . and in the sun on Tuesday

So far, I love UNH. I mean, just look at those pictures. Isn’t it beautiful? (The second one was taken through a window, so I apologize for the glare.) Being that kind of person who thrives on learning, I really enjoy my classes, even though they can be a lot of work. Because they are a lot of work, though, I enjoyed my first real spring break this month.

DeMerritt Hall, where my nuclear science class meets.

What do I mean when I talk about a “real” spring break? Well, I was homeschooled all my life, up until I went to college, so I just worked on schoolwork through spring breaks and Monday holidays. (I finished earlier in the year that way.) Well, UNH doesn’t have classes for a week in the middle of March, just after the mid-semester point. I was very glad to be able to sleep in (until 7:30 or 8 AM) for a whole week, though I mostly spent my days doing schoolwork, because I had a paper and two lab reports due. (Four classes is actually more like six, since biology and chemistry both have labs.) At any rate, I had a nice spring break, and I am excited to finish up the rest of the semester!

Essentially, what I meant by that ramble was to say that I had a good month. How about you? What were your highlights of this month? Any writing or editing? Any other college (or university) students out there, hanging on until May? Tell me in the comments!






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