My Life This September: In Which the Molecules Hijack My Life

A quick word before I begin: I can’t believe it’s September. September is almost over! Can you believe it? (I often marvel at the passage of time; that probably won’t be the last time I express amazement about it on this blog.)

Well, as it is in fact the fourth Saturday in September (!), I am here once again to present to you the roundup of my month. This month, it looks a lot like this:Image result for organic chemistry molymod model kit


Image result for organic chemistry jones fleming

Image result for organic chemistry resonance forms

As you may have guessed, fall semester has started (as of August 29th, actually), and with it, my year of organic chemistry. (I don’t technically have to take the whole year, but I am anyway, because . . . well, I guess I’m crazy.)

Organic chemistry is an infamous subject. Presumably, it has made non-doctors out of hordes of pre-med students because they could not tackle this class. Whenever people complain about pre-med requirements (not me–I’m not even close to pre-med), they complain about organic chemistry. Invariably. It’s just a fact of life.

So, this month, my life has been hijacked by molecules. I bought the book in the middle photo with expedited shipping so it could get to my house before the semester started and I could start studying. I have taken profuse notes from the book (which I never do). A little way into the semester, I bought a molecular model kit like the one in the top photo, because a) to help my studying as molecules get increasingly complex and b) why not? Molecule-building is fun. Organic chemistry loses half its daunting air when the student acquires a box full of colorful plastic pieces that can eternally be put together and taken apart–although it is annoying that I don’t have a big enough model kit to put together a strand of DNA (nerd problems). (Seriously, though, my kit doesn’t even have enough nitrogens for one nucleotide. And who thought to put in 12 carbons and only 20 hydrogens? There should totally be 24. But, as usual, I digress.)

Apart from life organic chemistry, I am taking four other classes: organic chemistry lab (it’s its own class with its own lecture worth two of its own credits), Principles of Genetics, and Biotechnology and Society (just for fun). And I have had so many deadlines, molecules, papers, molecules, exams, molecules, quizzes, and molecules flying around already that writing (like for fun, not papers) has quite gotten lost in the mix. I have had time to do little more than coax an introductory hook and some hazy subplots out of Rahara and crew from Circle of Fire, my new project (check out the Beautiful Peoples if you’re curious!). And having released myself from self-imposed deadlines (you have no idea how good it feels), I haven’t worked on Windsong at all, besides letting the characters float around inside my head, which they were always going to do anyway.

That was a very long two paragraphs, and now I have run out of things to say, so it looks like it’s curtains for this blog post! One last note: do come back next month and check out my next guest post from Olivia Hofer! It promises to be a good one. 🙂

So that’s my month in a nutshell! How was yours? Did you go back to school? Are you in college? Any other writers and STEM majors here? (Shout out if you are–the struggle is real!) Anyone else taken organic chemistry? (No? How about chemistry at all?) Anyone else take a break from a project and start “working” on a new one? Tell me in the comments!


5 thoughts on “My Life This September: In Which the Molecules Hijack My Life

  1. I’ve never understood why organic chemistry has such a terrible reputation. It’s a lot of memorization for sure, but unlike other classes it’s not math-heavy and much of it is logic-based so you can figure out answers as you go along. Organic chemistry was actually my favorite chem class.

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