Changes to the Blogging Schedule

Hello all! Yesterday was the end of finals week for me (yay!), so I wasn’t able to whip up a blog post for today. Instead, I thought I’d make some notes about my blogging schedule for December.

I was originally going to follow my regular schedule, but I haven’t finished reading my review book yet, since the semester just ended (although I did make quite a lot of progress on one last night). And since next Saturday is Christmas Eve, I’ll be taking that day off. Instead, this month’s book review will go up next Wednesday, Dec. 21st.

The “My Life This Month” post will go up on the final Saturday of the month, Dec. 31st, as usual. Since it is the end of the year this month, I may take a look back at my whole year as well as the month. I’m not sure yet.

That’s it for me today! Enjoy your weekend, and I’ll see you on Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “Changes to the Blogging Schedule

  1. A break isn’t a bad thing! I’m taking a hiatus on my blog starting today until close to the end of January with the exception of my Year End post.

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