My Life This February: In Which College Takes Over My Life

Hello, all! It’s the last Saturday of the month, so here I am as usual with my monthly round-up. February was kind of a crazy month, and looks like it will be for the last four days as well. Here’s what happened to me this month.

I am now well into my fourth semester of college (I’m so far along! How is this even happening?). I can’t remember if I mentioned this last month, but this semester, I am taking Organic Chemistry II, Physics II, Evolutionary Genetics of Plants, and Genetics Lab. I’m enjoying all of those except for physics, which I’m really excited to be done with, but they make my schedule really insane, especially combined with working in the lab. I really enjoy the lab, though; it’s really relaxing to just go for a little while and count rice plants. Speaking of which, I’m planting rice! It’s so cool. I’m also going to start doing experiments and analyses next month, which is really exciting. So the moral of the story is, my research is coming right along, and I love it, but it’s taking up a lot of time.

Which leads me to the state of my writing right now. You know how they say you should write every day in order to be a successful author? Yep, I’m really failing that lately. Yesterday, though, I did add about 400 words to a new scene in Circle of Fire while I was waiting for class to start, so that was a nice little creative escape. I also listen to music that inspires me for my books whenever I can. But I haven’t worked on This Hidden Darkness, the new book I’m outlining, hardly at all, at least not that I can remember. It has been a very busy month.

Well, that’s my short wrap-up for the month! Sorry it was a bit scatterbrained.

How was your month? Are you in school, too? How is your semester going? Have you done much writing this month? Make any progress on your projects? Anybody else out there doing research? Tell me in the comments!


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